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How to listen

How to listen to samples...

Windows: All samples are in the Windows Media (extensions: .wma and wmv) format; this means that the Windows Media Player can handle them. If browser is Internet Explorer 6, you l already have the latest version. Windows Media Player will automatically open on the screen when you click the Sample link for a CD. The music will then be streamed to you via the player. If this does not happen, it probably means that the Media Player version installed may be old. You can then arrange the problem by installing Internet Explorer 7.0, or by downloading the latest Windows Media player (version 9 or 10) from Microsoft's download area. Mac: You can also get a Mac version of the Windows Media Player from Microsoft's download Area. You can get there by clicking on the GET WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER image below. The current version of Windows Media Player for the Mac is 9 or 11

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